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The Incorrigibles – DASH

We hope that this book provides the reader – Disabled or non-disabled, arts professional or generalist, community or social care worker or disability activist – with greater insight and confidence to engage with these issues, and that new dialogues will emerge as a result.The stories and artwork in this book unite the artists and demonstrate […]

objection israel

Objection looked at the personal experience of Israelis who refused service in the IDF within the wider social and political context of army service in Israeli society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During this residency, I continued my extensive research including a large number of interviews with objectors, academics and artists, and finally caried out an intensive week of […]

imc (2008)

imc is a mutli-channel video installation exploring power relationships and sexual dynamics in an institutional setting. The subject was developed through workshops with multiple actors improvising stories set in an identical hospital room. The final installation is composed of two of these narratives.


DATCE (Disability Artists Training Creative Enablers) – training programme DATCE was a pilot project that I ran with filmpro ltd (2011/12) that provided training to a pool of creative individuals to work as ‘creative enablers’, supported by the London Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund. The concept of a ‘Creative Enabler’ came from Graeae Theatre Company and […]

i dream i dare i do

A documentary follows three young artists and their mentoring relationships…   In 2010 Julie McNamara sat off on a journey to record the extraordinary achievements of three embattled individuals with a dream. This documentary is about how those dreams were made real, you can see a clip of the film here:   Each person at […]