Conscientious objector refusing to serve in IDF sentenced to prison

Noam Gur, a young Israeli conscientious objector, was sentenced Monday afternoon to 10 days in military prison. Once released, Gur is likely to be ordered to enlist again – and sent again to prison, the process repeating itself several times before she is ultimately released.

Gur was accompanied this morning to the Tel Hashomer induction base by several dozen friends and supporters, who said that the Israeli response to the latest “flytilla,”and the attack on the international activist captured on tape strengthened their support for Gur’s choice. After about an hour, Gur entered the induction base, after which she was sentenced by an officer to 10 days in prison for disobeying the order to enlist. She was then transferred to the army’s only prison for women – “Prison 400.”

Also at the induction base was a group of members of the right-wing organization Im Tirzu, who mocked the conscientious objectors and called them clowns and cowards.

In a recent interview to +972, Gur said that she decided to refuse the draft after learning and seeing the occupation of the Palestinian territories firsthand:

I know my refusal won’t end the occupation or change the world, but perhaps it’ll have some small effect on even a single person or two. Perhaps more Palestinians will hear of it and will be happy to see that not all Israelis are the criminals at the checkpoint or the soldiers shooting tears gas canisters at them in demonstrations. But general goals aside, I just want to feel right about myself. I want to know that I did all that I could, and that I did try to make a difference – or at least that I was not a partner in crime.

Following that interview, three more refuseniks came forward, and announced they too would refuse to join the army. One of them, Alon Gurman, also reported to the induction base today and refused to enlist, expecting a similar punishment as that of Gur. However, for some reason he was sent home, and told that the army is reconsidering his draft. Gur is likely to be sentenced to several rounds in prison before released from the army.


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