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augmented reality as a creative and access tool

ar development in indonesia

what makes you who you are ar app (jogja 19)

ar developer:
Budi Prakosa is a self-taught programmer and open source software developer, exploring the wide range of possibility in creative coding, he initiated a project as a VJ with the name of manticore in 2009, where he combined interactive programming with graphic data visualization. He has a background in industrial engineering and have interests in experimental audio visual performance, generative art, web technology and collaboration between science and art. He also Co-founded deadmediafm.org – music podcast showcasing local talents, online radio, online radio workshop,  urbancult.net – an online visual mapping documentation on street art, and Lifepatch.org – a citizen initiative in art, science and technology.
Link: http://manticore.id

exhibition catalogue in jogja

exhibition leaflet in jogja

what makes you who you are audio description in bahasa indonesia

the exhibition at psbk


what makes you who you are blog

ar development in london

ar developer:
Albert Barbu is a young creative technologist who studied at the Royal College of Art, London. He’s been working freelance as a developer, making interactive software for museums and exhibitions at Clay Interactive studio, as well as augmented reality applications at studio Random42.
He has collaborated with artist Emily Cole in the past, on her AR and VR pieces I’m Your Venus and Dehumanised Me, as well as experimenting with the cutting-edge technology of the Hololens. link: http://www.albrt.uk

for further development of the ar app pls follow pasttensestory.com and https://filmpro.net/nesta-amplified-programme/


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