liberty 2012

Liberty 2012 – 10 Year – 3 Channel Installation – Split Screen Version

“It’s like flicking back through an album of memories, with some things in there you might not expect to find.”

A multi-screen installation I produced with¬†Zeynep Dagli & Melis Kimyoncu, created as an artistic response to Liberty Festival’s 10th Anniversary. Commissioned by Liberty and using archive material from each of the Festival’s 10 years. The installation was originally exhibited on 3 screens in the foyer of the BFI, 1st – 2nd September 2012, and then at London City Hall until 9th September.

See the video here

With thanks to: Chas de Swiet, Cristina Perezzani, Daniel McGowan, Foteini Galanopoulou, Julie McNamara, Michael Achtman, Stuart Brown, Theresa Kiyota Rahman, Tim Smith

All images have been provided by the featured artists and companies, and the Greater London Authority. We have tried as far as possible to credit every photographer, but there are some images where the photographer is unknown or the name has not been provided.

Photography credits so far: Alison Baskerville, Zeynep Dagli, M Davidson, Hugh Hill, Claire Horton, Mark Jackson, James O Jenkins, Caglar Kimyoncu, Belinda Lawley, Hayley Madden, Brian McLaren, Stephen McLaren, Cristina Perezzani, Wildside.