past tense story – one

call for actors

Deadline for applications: 20th of July 2020 
Auditions, improvisations and filming will take place on Zoom platform. 
Audition date: 5th of August 2020 

Sessions (half days): 

  • 12th of August on safeguarding 
  • 14th of August on digital creative space
    Improvisation dates:
  • 19th of August – actor 1, actor 2
  • 21st of August – actor 1, actor 3
  • 24th of August – actor 2, actor 3 
    Sharing (team only or invited audience): 
  • 28th of August – to be confirmed. 

Each actor will receive £65 for 5 sessions including sharing.    

past tense story one opens up narratives around male-on-male sexual violence in a nuanced and non-judgmental way. In a time of social distancing, it explores the possibilities for storytelling, improvisation and intimacy in digital space. 

Forging these new modes of connection across physical distance is essential in a project involving collaborative storytelling around sensitive issues. It also raises several questions: How do we take care of one another and provide mutual support in a digital setting? How will we establish trust? We aim to explore the challenges of digital meeting, while opening ourselves to advantages we might discover. 

We intend to collaboratively create improvisations where we all feel safe and supported enough to go deeper into the sensitive subject of sexual violence. This R&D is an exploration of past tense story; therefore, we will play, interact and explore the themes, characters, and stories, and discover how to be, and be creative, in this digital space. 

There will be a safeguarding enabler on hand throughout the collaboration and sharing as well as time and space for processing. The decision to disclose your personal experience is voluntary – unless you want to, you will not be asked to share your own story. 

We will be holding improvisation sessions for the roles of ‘secondary survivors’ and ‘secondary witness’. 

We are looking for two actors to play:

  1. a male identifying character, aged between 20 and 55, a secondary survivor: either a family member or a relative, partner or friend of the victim/survivor.  
  2. a male identifying character, aged between 20 and 55, a secondary survivor: either a family member, or a relative, partner or friend of the perpetrator.
  3. a non-gender specific character, aged between 20 to 55, a secondary witness.  
  • In each session there will be a consultant, the lead artist and his assistant. 
  • We’ll all have introductory sessions which will include a workshop on safeguarding, and a workshop on creating safely in digital spaces. 

These roles are open to anyone with or without direct experience of the subject matter, but we are creating this safe space so that if you do have direct experience and want to be part of this project you will feel safe and welcome. We do however ask that anyone currently involved in an open court case be mindful of any details they choose to share. We will not ask you to disclose personal information, but if you are selected, we’ll have a conversation beforehand to agree on how to be as safe and supportive as possible in this creative space. 

To apply please email to 

  • A short paragraph on why you are interested in this project.  
  • Up to 3 minutes video clip showcasing your improvisation skills. It can be a new one or you can send a link to your already existing video online. We will only watch first 3 minutes of it unless you give us a specific time-code.