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[/media-credit] Unfixed artist, Caglar Kimyoncu, captures Watershed resident, Sabrina Shirazi, presenting to the group

Australian artists Indigo Eli, Michele Saint-Yves, Daniel Savage and John Willanksi travelled to London recently to join UK artists, Jane Gauntlett, Caglar Kimyoncu, Catherine Long, Aidan Moesby, Tim Wheeler and Sue Williams to participate in the Creative Development Lab program for ‘Unfixed’. This residency program presents the opportunity for artists to creatively investigate the determination of bodies as ‘disabled’ or ‘abled’, and how assistive technologies can provide alternative ways of experiencing the world rather than as a means to ‘fix’. ‘Unfixed 3.0’, will take place in 2017. The Creative Research project was developed in 2014 to engage Australian and UK Deaf and disabled artists to consider the arts, disability and technology, as part of the Unlimited Commissions Programme, and to join in with the celebrations during the 2016 Unlimited Festival. This is an unrivalled festival program, with no existing opportunity for artists within this context in Australia. In 2018

Source: Unfixed 2.0: Challenging Perceptions of Disability | Art Almanac


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