At the end of a dark corridor, a a man with crutches stands silhouetted in a wash of light.


What makes us who we are (and what does that mean in our immediate environment; work, culture, relationship, country, family, region)? This is the question I would like to talk about with a variety of people.

Our identity is constantly shifting, depending on our surroundings or the company we are in. We are defined ‘in the eye of the beholder’. I would like to explore this line of thinking further – does ‘who we are’ tend to be in cohesion with our environment/culture/surroundings, or is it pushing boundaries?

I use questions as a way to break away from assumptions and to have new conversations. In this case, the aim is to understand how we see/define/understand our own identity. Our answers will also provide a reflection of the references and vocabulary of the company I will be in. I would like to speak to and pose this question to many different people, and I am e.g. particularly interested in speaking to disabled people, displaced people (such as migrants or refugees), vulnerable people, campaigners and activists.

I have started the first stage and research for this project during a residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in September/October 2017.

photo by zeynep dagli

lead artist

caglar is a london-based digital and video artist as well as curator and arts consultant. his projects have ranged from experimental art films to large scale installations, screenings/projections and photography. his work is often informed by a concern with the pressure to conform to ‘norms’, which continue to prevail even in apparently liberal and tolerant societies.

research, collaboration and improvisation form the core of caglar’s practice, with the aim of being able to understand a subject matter within its context and creating an artistic response without losing authenticity. he is always interested in exploring the use of (relevant) technology as a creative and access tool. he is committed to exploring and adapting art forms to create an inclusive experience for a varied audience.

more information at caglark website


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