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Photo of post-it notes with single words or phrases in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


this project was born out of a residency with yogyakarta organisation psbk (british council indonesia season 2017) which challenged and inspired me in equal measures. i explored issues that have always been central to my practice as a queer, disabled, immigrant artist. particularly surprising was when it was suggested at one point that my viewpoint was “western.”  it made me ask: what makes us who we are, and what does that mean in terms of culture, relationships, family, religion, sexuality and disability?

looking at current identity politics, this is especially timely. i am interested in how our identity is impacted by where we are, or who we are with, particularly in a time where many of us are put under the microscope as ‘migrants’ or ‘refugees’.  we all change and move, some out of necessity, some by force, others by choice, all of which affects how we are seen or see ourselves.


‘what makes you who you are’ is a research-based multimedia  installation exploring identity through the use of transmedia storytelling, including augmented reality (ar). the narrative relies on stories and experiences, created through improvisations with actors. it focuses especially around how identity is impacted by disability, ethnicity and sexuality and the intersectionality of these three elements.

‘what makes you who you are’ is capturing a snap shot of ‘who we are’ at any specific moment, evolving not only through space, but through time.


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